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Exaudian's seminars on the internationally acclaimed Process Communication Model can change the way you communicate and interact with people at work, at school, and at home, for the better.

Dive into the Process Communication Model

The concepts are simple, the possibilities are endless.


At the core of our PCM seminars is learning about yourself. You then learn to identify another person's base personality type and the unique communication styles, motivational needs, behaviors and other characteristics of each of the six personality types.

With PCM you will be able to:

...engender a feeling of connection and rapport in others, making them more inclined to see you in a positive light.

...identify the most effective style of communicating with someone – the specific words, tones, gestures, postures and facial expressions that are most likely to result in a productive interaction.

...ascertain a person’s primary motivations and to use that knowledge to predict and influence his or her actions and decisions.

...understand the genesis of distress and how to avoid situations and behaviors that are likely to lead to it.

...recognize the speech patterns and behaviors that signal impending distress.

...predict and identify a person's distress behaviors and implement targeted distress intervention tactics.

We provide a variety of seminars of varying duration, covering some or all of these topics. In addition to general seminars, we offer programs targeted to specific skill sets, professions, personal situations or goals. Seminars include a mixture of lecture, group discussion, exercises and, in some cases, video clips.  All seminar participants take the Personality Pattern Inventory and gain a deep understanding of their own personality structure and behaviors.

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We periodically host seminars that are open to the public, or you can call us to arrange a private seminar for your group.

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