Adaptive Communication

A proven program for optimizing every interaction.

The behavioral communication methodology known as the Process Communication Model® (PCM) can be used in every aspect of life, with every person with whom you interact. PCM combines a scientifically-validated theory of personality structure and development with proven techniques for improving your communication and management skills.

PCM begins with learning about yourself. You'll discover your preferred perceptual language and communication style, along with the motivational needs, behaviors and other traits uniquely associated with that language and style. You then learn how these characteristics differ in other people and how to identify them through observation. We'll teach you to adapt your language and speaking style for each person with whom you interact to develop rapport, communicate effectively, predict and influence behavior, and get your own motivational needs met, reducing dysfunction and negative conflict in your life and helping others to do the same for themselves.

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How Process Communication began...


While at Purdue University in the early 1970's, Dr. Taibi Kahler made a series of remarkable, award-winning discoveries.

Dr. Kahler discovered a process involved in verbal communication - specific speech patterns that were sequential, measurable and predictable. He found that by listening for these patterns, interactions could be identified, objectively, literally second-by-second, as being either productive (communication) or non-productive (miscommunication).

Dr. Kahler also discovered that by listening to how someone was speaking, he could predict how they would behave under different types and levels of stress. Later research showed that each of the speech and behavior patterns also was uniquely correlated to a way of perceiving the world, a perceptual language, a communication style, a set of positive character traits, one or more motivational needs, as well as other characteristics. Dr. Kahler concluded that each mutually exclusive set of characteristics and behaviors constituted a unique personality type, all of which are found in each of us and one of which is predominant. He developed the Personality Pattern Inventory, an online assessment that determines the order and strength of each personality type within an individual's personality structure.

From these foundations, Dr. Kahler built the Process Communication Model to equip people to transform their communication and relationships for the better.

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Process Communication has worked wonders...

building small business.

PCM is utilized by leading organizations throughout the world as a management, selection, placement, and motivation methodology.

education education.

The education applications of PCM have been used to improve student performance, reduce behavior problems in the classroom, connect with hard-to–reach students, and increase teacher job satisfaction.

presidential seal politics.

The techniques of PCM have been used as a campaign and management tool by politicians at all levels of government, including by former President Bill Clinton, who learned them while Governor of Arkansas and who hired Dr. Kahler as an advisor to his presidential campaigns.

shuttle space.

For almost two decades after first meeting and working with Dr. Kahler, NASA’s Lead Psychiatrist for Manned Spaceflight used PCM techniques in the astronaut selection, evaluation, training and management processes.

Taibi Kahler is a genius. He knows more about personality dynamics than anyone I know in the world. Bill Clinton,
Former President of the United States

I have known a number of "professional giants" in the fields of behavioral science and medicine. But I am most grateful for what I have learned from my continued contact with Taibi Kahler. He is the most remarkable man it has been my privilege to know. Terence F. McGuire, M.D.,
Lead Psychiatrist for Manned Spaceflight,
NASA, 1959-1996

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