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We help people understand themselves and others and engage more effectively by showing them how to use compassion in every interaction. It isn't just about empathy. It's about increasing connection, engagement, productivity and profitability by creating environments in which everyone is recognized and treated as a unique individual who is innately valuable, capable of contribution, and responsible for his or her actions - where people struggle together to achieve great things rather than struggling against each other to feel justified.

We call this Compassionate Accountability.

We're committed to helping people change their personal and professional relationships and communicate and lead more effectively. We teach about the processes that underlie our everyday interactions, including the different ways that people experience the world, prefer to be spoken to and are motivated into action, the ways in which we unconsciously engage in negative conflict instead of effective action and how to take that knowledge to use it to reduce stress and distressed behavior, optimize every interaction and build strong relationships.

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Whether you are a professional who wants to become a more effective leader, increase team cohesion, or improve your work culture or any individual looking build self-awareness, better understand others, and strengthen your relationships with the people in your life, our coaching, consulting and training services can help you achieve your goals.

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What our clients say

“Great program! You quickly see that what you are being taught fits right in with your life experience – sort of like, why didn’t I know this before?” “No one could come away without learning a lot about themselves and how they interact with the world around them.” “Outstanding. The most valuable class/training of any length or duration that I’ve ever taken, including university and law school.” “Frankly, this is the best seminar I have ever attended.” “Challenging, revealing, interesting and enjoyable.” “The experience was terrific - better than expected. I'd recommend it to anyone in the firm.” “I would highly recommend the program for anyone, whether in a professional context or not.” “Unbelievably intriguing and informative. Never a dull moment!” “Extremely interesting and relevant.” “I gave my profile to my husband to read. After about ten minutes he said, 'This is unbelievable. It's like having the user's manual for living with you!'”

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