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Harness the power of adaptive communication and positive conflict

We’re experts at the process of interpersonal and leadership communication. We believe that how a message is communicated is as important as the message itself in determining its impact. We provide programs in:

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Adaptive Communication
Each of us experiences the world differently and those differences shape the way we communicate and how we want to be communicated with. Exaudian teaches you how to identify these differences in everyone – your clients, customers, colleagues, students, family, and friends - and how to use that knowledge to individualize your communication style to meet their preferences, quickly develop rapport, and sidestep misunderstandings, distress and negative conflict. Learning those differences also will inform you about a person’s primary motivational needs and how to help that person get those needs met, inviting them to perform at their highest level.

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Positive Conflict
Conflict is neither good nor bad – it’s just energy. How it’s used determines whether we engage in drama and distressed behavior or we are effective in accomplishing our goals. Without conflict, it’s impossible to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Exaudian will teach you how to identify the signs of negative conflict, how to respond to them, and how to channel the energy of conflict positively to build relationships and organizational cultures that are open, effective, and accountable.

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Outcomes Measurement
In addition to the skills we convey, we are committed to consistently measuring the effectiveness of our programs. We use reliable and valid assessments administered before and after the program, together with detailed program evaluations, to demonstrate positive change.

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The right tools and resources make all the difference.

Using Exaudian’s proven, powerful approaches changes your relationships for the better.

We are affiliated with Next Element – a global leadership communication training and advisory firm that is a U.S. distributor of the Process Communication Model® methodology of adaptive communication and the creator of the Leading Out of Drama® program for engaging in positive conflict, as well as the NEOS® and Program Impact Assessment tools for outcomes measurement. This affiliation gives us unique access to recognized thought leaders in the field of interpersonal communication and a network of certified, expert coaches, consultants, and trainers who can provide our knowledge and skills to audiences of any size.

Clients sing our praises. (Sure sounds nice!)

“Great program! You quickly see that what you are being taught fits right in with your life experience – sort of like, why didn’t I know this before?” “No one could come away without learning a lot about themselves and how they interact with the world around them.” “Outstanding. The most valuable class/training of any length or duration that I’ve ever taken, including university and law school.” “Frankly, this is the best seminar I have ever attended.” “Challenging, revealing, interesting and enjoyable.” “The experience was terrific - better than expected. I'd recommend it to anyone in the firm.” “I would highly recommend the program for anyone, whether in a professional context or not.” “Unbelievably intriguing and informative. Never a dull moment!” “Extremely interesting and relevant.” “I gave my profile to my husband to read. After about ten minutes he said, 'This is unbelievable. It's like having the user's manual for living with you!'”

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