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Founded in 2006 by Robert Wert, a Chicago-area attorney and corporate executive, we are dedicated to helping people communicate and lead more effectively by teaching them about the processes that underlie our everyday interactions. These include the unique ways that each person experiences the world, prefers to be spoken to and is motivated into action, the ways in which we unconsciously engage in self-justification and drama instead of effective action and how to take that knowledge to use it optimize every personal and professional relationship.

We serve a wide variety of businesses, organizations and individuals. We also hold the exclusive license to create and market Process Communication Model applications designed for the legal profession.

Our close relationship with Next Element gives us unique access to recognized thought leaders in the field of interpersonal communication and a network of certified, expert coaches, consultants, and trainers who can provide our knowledge and skills to audiences of any size.

Exaudian's name is derived from the Latin word “exaudio” - to hear clearly.

Robert Wert

Rob received his B.A. from Northwestern University in 1986 and his J.D. from the University of Chicago in 1989.

Practicing primarily in the areas of mergers and acquisition and corporate finance, he was an equity partner at the Chicago law firm of Holleb & Coff. He left private practice in 1998 to serve as the lead transactions attorney for Katy Industries, Inc., a NYSE-listed diversified holding company, and later Vice President and General Counsel of eLoyalty Corporation (now Mattersight Corporation), a Nasdaq-listed technology company. He left eLoyalty in 2006 to establish Exaudian.

In 2009, Dr. Taibi Kahler asked Rob to join him as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Kahler Communications, Inc. (KCI), the company that oversees and manages the practice of PCM worldwide. He held that position, while continuing his role with Exaudian, until KCI was sold in 2014.

While with KCI, Rob developed a close working relationship with the team at Next Element and, after the sale of KCI, worked with them as a consultant and advisor on a variety of matters. Building on this relationship, in 2017 Rob become an owner of Next Element, as well as its Chief Strategy Officer and Counsel.

In addition to being certified as a provider of PCM and LOD programs, Rob is a PCM Master Trainer, one of the few individuals authorized to evaluate and certify PCM professionals. He also is certified to provide the specialized PCM applications designed for educators.

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Rob Wert

Robert S. Wert


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