Positive Conflict

Lean into Conflict - Lead Out of Drama

When people think about conflict, their associations most often are negative. Yet conflict is just energy – it’s how we bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be. We can use it negatively, with behaviors like attacking, blaming, rescuing, and playing the victim, or we can use it positively, to engage with others openly, seeking their input and establishing healthy boundaries. Traditional leadership programs on conflict seek to reduce or manage it, rather than harness its power to engage positively and make great things happen.

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Centered around the concept of “Compassionate Accountability™,” the Leading Out of Drama® (LOD®) program teaches about the processes underlying negative behavior and provides participants with tools to improve every interaction. Participants learn about the nature of conflict, the specific ways it manifests negatively, and the skills that enable them to channel its power to struggle with people rather than against them - to be more effective in their personal and professional relationships.

LOD Courses

The LOD program includes courses that fit within almost any time and budget constraint. Each course provides participants with real skills at negotiating conflict. All course participants take the Drama Resilience Assessment (DRA) – an online assessment that measures the participant’s tendency to exhibit negative conflict behaviors and their facility with positive conflict skills. Whether you want to interact more effectively with your loved ones, learn to communicate with your team in a way that encourages confidence and high performance or change the culture of your entire organization to one that promotes open communication, positive participation and accountability, there is a course or set of courses that will meet your needs.

Coaching & Consulting

Exaudian provides organizations and individuals with tailored coaching and consulting services around positive conflict, whether to practice and strengthen skills learned in our courses, assist with specific situations and circumstances, evaluate organizational behaviors or otherwise help create environments that are psychologically safe, curious and consistent.

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