Outcomes Measurement

Exaudian offers unique tools to objectively assess our performance and the effects of each of our programs.

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Traditional satisfaction surveys can show that participants were happy with their experience, but they can’t tell you whether the program had a meaningful impact on their lives or your organization. We are committed to showing the real and measurable results of our services using online and automated data collection at critical intervals before and after our programs and easy to understand reports.


NEOS is a reliable and valid assessment of a person’s confidence to execute nine critical behaviors for leadership resilience and agility. By administering NEOS before a program and at intervals afterwards, we can track changes in a person’s self-efficacy – their belief in their own ability to respond to various life conditions – and show the immediate impact of a program and the duration of that impact.

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A NEOS assessment is provided without additional charge for every Exaudian program and can be tailored to measure changes in self-efficacy in up to three areas of a person’s life – at home, at work and as a member of a team.

Program Impact Assessment

This automated, online assessment gathers valuable data regarding each of our programs. Participants evaluate the program and the professional who delivered on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Demonstration of the concepts being taught.
  • Ability to connect with and build rapport with the participants.
  • Positive impact on personal relationships, work relationships, leadership skills and teamwork.
  • Comparative impact as against other programs
  • Overall satisfaction.
  • Accuracy, relevance and usefulness of our assessments and the results.

We use this information to hold ourselves accountable for the effectiveness of our services. On request and without additional charge, we will provide an aggregate report of all impact assessments from your program so that you can see the results.