PCM for Attorneys

Exaudian has the exclusive license to develop and distribute PCM training courses and other offerings designed specifically for attorneys.

Drawing on its founder's experience as a law firm partner and public company general counsel, Exaudian has developed a comprehensive curriculum to teach PCM techniques to the legal community.

Exaudian's two day “basic skills” training seminar covers all of the core PCM topics using a mixture of lecture, group discussion, exercises, and video clips. All seminar participants take the Personality Pattern Inventory and gain a deep understanding of their own personality structure and behaviors. In addition, Exaudian offers advanced training in distress behaviors, distress intervention, and management skills.

PCM for Attorneys

Put PCM to Work...

...to connect with prospective clients and to strengthen relationships with existing clients.

...to more effectively develop rapport with and convince judges and juries, as well as opposing counsel and parties.

...to identify distress in clients and witnesses before it would otherwise be noticeable.

...to interrupt distress (or encourage it) in ways that are unnoticeable to the untrained.

...within a firm or legal department as a motivation and management tool.

...to improve relationships with family and friends.

Consulting Services for Lawyers and Firms

In addition to versions of its standard consulting and coaching services, Exaudian offers services specifically targeted to legal practitioners, such as:

Consulting for Legal Firms
  • Using the Personal Pattern Inventory to determine the personality profiles of a firm’s most successful partners, to target recruits with similar attributes.
  • Assessing the personality structure of clients and friendly witnesses so that the attorney can identify distress and intervene to terminate it before the distress interferes with clear thinking.
  • Reviewing prior testimony to determine the personality structure of hostile witnesses, and coaching the attorney on how most effectively to invite those witnesses into distress and interfere with their thinking.
  • Jury consultation.
“The program provides insight into working with colleagues, staff and opposing counsel. . . . I’ve already started thinking how I would respond to opposing counsel differently.”
Real Estate Partner
“I learned many things that I can put into practice in my professional life. It was great – fun, useful and insightful . . .”
Director of Attorney Development and former Corporate Securities Associate
“Fascinating – great for both your personal and professional life.”
Litigation Associate
“Outstanding. The most valuable class/training of any length or duration that I’ve ever taken, including university and law school.”
Litigation Partner
“Very interesting and thought provoking. I would recommend to the whole firm.”
Corporate Partner
“Extremely interesting and relevant. The experience was terrific – better than expected. I’d recommend it to anyone in the firm.”
Corporate Finance Partner

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